Rental Terms



Guarantee Procedure

In vehicle delivery, a cash deposit is taken according to the vehicle group or a credit provision based on the vehicle group is applied from the credit card.

Rental Age & Driver's License

- 21 years of age and 2 years driving license for economic group vehicles (Hyundai i20, Symbol, Clio, C-Elysee, Pevgeot 301, Linea etc.)

- 24 years and 3 years driving license for medium group vehicles (Hyundai Accent Blue, Megane, Egea etc.)

- 25 years of age and 5 years license for upper group vehicles. (Minibus, VW Caravelle, Mercedes Vito etc.)

International driver's license is required if the lessor's national driver's license is not arranged in Latin letters (eg Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license is required regardless of the alphabet if you are renting abroad (outside the EU). The international driver's license is required together with the original driver's license.

If you have your driver's license and your ID for the above conditions, you can get the vehicle. a document that shows that the shorter the Turkish citizens without passports and entry into Turkey in the history of our customers must provide their additional 6 months as well. 6 months longer than our foreign qualified customers in Turkey are required to show the Turks license.

Rental Period; Extension / Late Return

The minimum rental period is 24 hours (1 day). In case of exceeding 3 hours full-time fee will be charged.For holiday or longer-term rentals please call our call center 00905384201049.

Insurance coverage
Damage Liability Insurance (KASKO), (SCDW): 18% Tax Included. Theft protection: 18% Tax included.

Insurance Information and Obligations
In case of damage and theft, the following elements must be observed in order for the insurance to be valid.

In the event of an accident, accident or alcohol report is attached to the police or gendarmerie without moving from the place of the vehicle. A copy of the accident identification report has been prepared. (If the driver's license, license or insurance policy is foreign, the photocopy of the date of entry into the country).
The vehicle is not used under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and there is no gross negligence, intention or defect.
If the leased vehicle is stolen, the vehicle's key will be delivered to Nuancecar Rental.
All these reports should be delivered to Nuancecar Rental within 3 days of the latest.
Insurances will be considered invalid if these items are not followed. Rentable goods belonging to the tenant are not covered by the insurance. In case of 2nd and 3rd persons in case of loss, the tenant is responsible for the material and moral damages exceeding the number specified in the Road Traffic Insurance. Turizm Otomotiv Ltd. Şti. Sti. (Nuancecar Rental) can not be requested.

Additional Driver (can be purchased on arrival)
Fee per additional driver: € 2 per day 18% Tax included.


All of our vehicles are equipped with the HGS Fast Transition System for use in highway and bridge passes. Usage is charged on return of the vehicle

Fuel Policy

Fuel: Take the vehicle to the empty warehouse and bring it back empty.

Your vehicle is not supplied with petrol refills, which means that you will not be charged at the car rental office. You can charge your depot by paying local gas charges. There will be no refund for unused fuels. The vehicle depot should be delivered as delivered. If not, Nuancecar Rental will charge an extra fee.

Spindle Policy

The mileage limit can be applied according to the branch.
Monthly rentals range from 3000 to 4000 km depending on the vehicle group, while mileage overrides vary from group to group.

Traffic fines
The tenant is responsible for all traffic penalties and legal interest in the contracting process.

Emergency transportation line
In case of any problem with your reservation, you can reach us 24/7 from 00905384201049.

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